Advertising Opportunities.

We know that advertising can sometimes be confusing and that’s why we believe in simple advertising packages at affordable prices, that we know will get the readership you want. We offer three main types of advertising on Queer News listed below.

Our current digital reach is 40-45k engagements per month with completely organic social media platforms. With prices from as little as £30+ VAT.

For more information on us and how we started, take a look at our Advertising Pack below.

Hopefully, this page will give you further information on some of the opportunities that we have available, but if you need any extra information, you can use the contact form below to get in touch, and a member of the team will respond as quickly as possible.


These are articles written by your company that Queer News hosts. You have full Editorial control over these (we do check over them to make sure they meet our Editorial/Style guidelines on language use), and we can provide images/video content if required.

Your company logo is featured at the top of every article and also in a company box at the end of the article. This box includes your logo, a few sentences about the company and links to website / social media accounts etc.

Each article gets lifetime hosting and SEO that we know will rank highly in Google.

£40 – 1 article
£100 – 3 articles
£150 – 6 articles
Prices exclude VAT.

Sponsored By Features:

These are articles written by Queer News UK writers, and are written to become viral content online – often getting high shares on social media. Your company logo is featured at the top of every article and also in a banner at the end of the article. Please note these articles may not mention or talk about your product. However, your brand visual will top and tail the piece, at every opportunity.

Your brand will be featured on every article under the category you wish to sponsor.

We offer these on a rolling contract basis. Your brand will be seen on all articles previously produced as well as any produced in your contracted time.

At the end of the contract, your branding will be removed from all content.

From £150 per month per category (excludes VAT).


We currently offer three different types of advert spaces on the Queer News site, these include; Leaderboard Advert (which is displayed at the top of each page), Block advertising (which features on the homepage) and sidebar adverts (which feature on each page). Prices start from £30 (excluding VAT) and artwork can be provided.

We’re flexible, but here’s where we draw the line!

We aim to provide our clients with the perfect opportunity to promote their events, brand and work to our LGBTQ audience. We’re all for being a ‘challenger’ but there are some things even we can’t allow. Below is our content guidelines for advertising.

Laws and standards
Advertising and marketing content must not violate applicable laws, regulations or industry standards.

Hate and violence
We will always reject hateful or violent content directed at an individual or group. Our policy is to promote equality across the world.

Adult, erotic and pornographic content
We do not allow advertisements that contain or promote inappropriate adult content. This may include excessive nudity, sexual terms and/or images of people in positions or activities that are excessively suggestive or sexual, or provocative images. The most common exception is for sexual health products or services, particularly where placing these messages is in the public interest.

We do accept ads for alcohol but the campaigns need to be appropriately age targeted. We prefer ads which urge drinking in moderation only and will reject ads which encourage reckless drinking, particularly if the behaviour may endanger others.

Gambling advertising and marketing messages will be reviewed on a case by case basis and must be targeted only at those aged over 18 years old.

Mental and physical health messages, including those relating to diet and cosmetic treatment, must be realistic and accurate. Claims should be backed up by appropriate scientific information and qualifications and accreditations should come from appropriate organisations.

Content must not promote firearms, ammunition or any dangerous or lethal weapons of any kind, including those used for self defence.

Spam and ‘get rich quick’ schemes
Content should not have the potential to unfairly exploit our readers, for example through ‘get rich quick’ or pyramid schemes. It cannot contain or promote ‘spam’.

Subscription services
‘Subscription services’ may include text or phone line services or anything where a user signs up for product or service with recurring billing.

Pricing and billing information must be clearly stated, as must any action required for a user to qualify for any offer. The information should be displayed in such a way that it is easy to find, read and understand and so it is understood before purchase decisions are made.

Subscription service providers must ensure they are complying with all laws, regulations or industry standards in all territories in which they operate.

Age restrictions
Where age restrictions apply to a product or service, you should alert us to this and should only provide content that targets those products or services to the appropriate age range.

You may not use copyrighted content without the copyright holder’s express permission. It is your responsibility to ensure this is done.

Defamation, malicious falsehood and contempt
It is your responsibility to ensure the content you provide is not defamatory, does not constitute a malicious falsehood and is not in contempt of court in any territory in which we publish.