Launched in January 2018, Queer-News aims to provide a platform filled with LGBTQ news, and insights on topics that matter to our audience. Based on a successful launch, and a growing world-wide readership, it was confirmed in February 2018 that the site would develop a new content area specific for American LGBTQ news; largely being driven by large readership figures in America and Canada.

Upon launching the site, as part of Up North Media Group, a registered company in England and Wales, our Editor spoke to the Being LGBTQ Podcast about how a rise in lower journalism standards across LGBTQ media outlets led to the birth of Queer News.

In Episode 2 of the Podcast, which you can list to on our site now, Ryan Houston described that LGBTQ audiences have for a long period accepted lowering standards as the norm, compared with their heterosexual counterparts who are more likely to challenge poor standards from other media outlets.

The growing audience for the platform has been achieved through the worldwide team of contributors that are a part of the QN team. Writers from across the globe, and from a range of professional backgrounds, have contributed pieces to the site for the audience.

“At its core, it’s a platform to share an opinion, and help shape the opinions of others. In the UK, as an LGBTQ person, particularly in the media-industry, I find myself talking a lot about how we’ve moved forward, explained Ryan Houston, Director for Up North Media, “But what we forget is that not everyone’s voice is being heard.”

“There are Trans being who are being targeted in the UK right now, even by members of the LGB community. Where’s the opportunity for them to share their issues with the world?”

“Queen News is most importantly a ‘challenger’ news-outlet. We’re not about the big advertising campaigns for LGBTQ organisations, events and groups in the UK, we’re about supporting their growth and continuously focussing on ours, while also focussing on real-news.”

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Queer News is part of the Up North Media Group Limited, a registered company in England and Wales.