North East: SAFC LGBTQ Supporters’ Association Officially Launches

Sunderland Association Football Club have today announced the launch of their LGBTQ Supporters’ Association at an event held at the Stadium of Light.

The launch was attended by members of the SAFC LGBTQ Supporter’s Association as well as ex-SAFC player Kieron Brady.

L-R: Kieron Brady, Ex-SAFC player, Ryan Houston, Founder of Rainbow Foundation, Wearside based LGBTQ charitable project,, Andrew Kirton, Member of SAFC LGBTQ

It is estimated that around 6% of the population identify as LGBTQ; in terms of football that’s more than 2000 LGBTQ fans at an average Premier League game, or 5000 at Wembley.

Since 2013, supporters at a range of clubs have taken the initiative to set up LGBTQ fan groups, to establish a dialogue with their own clubs and to improve their match day experience.

The group is open to LGBTQ people along with their friends and family granted that they believe in the core values of the group.

Their goal is to encourage a safe environment within the Stadium of Light for LGBTQ supporters. The group is committed to tackling all forms of discrimination which still unfortunately occur in our stadiums, and they aim to encourage LGBTQ fans who perhaps don’t attend games fearing they’re not welcome.

Sam Wise, Founder of SAFC LGBTQ Supporters’ Association said: “The group is about encouraging inclusivity at the Stadium of Light and about saying that its a safe place for supporters.

“SAFC has a fan based not only in the North-East but around the world, and the group gives opportunity to promote the fact that in 2019 prejudice and discrimination has no place in football.”

SAFC LGBTQ work with the club to discuss equality issues and what can be done to ensure the game is truly representative of our society.

For more information on the work of SAFC LGBTQ find them on Twitter @SAFCLGBTQ

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