Manchester Pride respond to ticket-pricing criticism

Manchester Pride have responded to the recent criticism they have faced following the release of ticket prices for this years event.

Following the release of an opinion piece by own our own Thomas George, on the Hypocrisy of Manchester Pride Ticketing, the team behind the August festival have shared their response.

When asked what their thought process was behind the ticket pricing, their spokesperson responded “We have been listening to our audience over the last three years.

“Guests want to experience live music and others want to party in the Gay Village, some both. To make this possible we have created a whole new event and separated out our tickets so that our guests can tailor their experience'”

They went on to state that Manchester Pride Festival also runs a number of “free events that form part of the festival, including the Parade, the Superbia weekend and the Candlelit Vigil.”

Mark Fletcher, Chief Exec for Manchester Pride said; “It’s always a talking point when we introduce change to our events and this year we have essentially added a whole new event to our programme in direct response to the requests of our ticket buyers.

At Manchester Pride Live, a whole new ticketed event for the festival, we’re presenting the biggest line up of artists we’ve ever had, for less than the price of a single concert ticket.

Mr Fletcher has previously said that the ‘ticket options are proving popular’ and that the organisers have seen ‘record figures.’

Ticket Prices for The Manchester Pride Festival

Rainbow Pass From £34.50

A Rainbow Pass provides unlimited weekend access to The Gay Village gathering and lets you choose which day/s you would like to attend Manchester Pride Live.
These tickets provide access to each of Manchester Pride Live performance areas, pop up performances and fairground.                                                                  

Saturday Session:  (Sat Manchester Pride Live) £34.50
Sunday Session:    (Sun Manchester Pride Live)£38.50
Weekend Session: (Sat & Sun Manchester Pride Live) £64.50

We’ll be sharing more information on the events included as part of the Manchester Pride Festival in our 2019 Pride coverage.

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