Rainbow Honours 2019 celebrated the best of LGBTQ life in Britain

A celebration of those who have stood out in their support for the LGBTQ community took place at Madame Tussauds last night.

The awards ceremony took place on Wednesday 4 December 2019 at the iconic Madame Tussauds venue. It was a huge celebration of those who have stood out in their support of the LGBTQ community over the past year. 

The Rainbow Honours are different from any other LGBTQ+ awards event. It is an evening of celebration to shine a light on those unsung heroes and sheroes who give up their spare time to volunteer and strive to make the world a better place for the LGBTQ community. 

There’s no doubt that the LGBTQ community have made amazing strides, yet we still face prejudice in the workplace, education and across social media. 

In a star-studded celebration, awards were given to those familiar faces and companies who have demonstrated an outstanding amount of time and support in order to further the cause for LGBTQ equality in today’s society here in the UK. 

Each category also presented its very own commended award for those whom the judges felt deserved their own special recognition at the event. 

Duncan James and Courtney Act hosted the evening to a packed room including famous faces and huge names within the corporate world, as well as numerous iconic wax figures on display at Madame Tussauds. People from all backgrounds joined together to celebrate the LGBTQ community and honour the historical figures who paved the way with each award named after an LGBTQ hero. George Michael, Audre Lorde, Freddie Mercury and Lyra McKee were among those remembered on the evening.  

The event honoured the Rainbow Heroes who dedicate themselves to fairness for all and deserve to be recognised for all that they do. There were 15 separate categories spanning the wide range of excellence in LGBTQ role models and icons, to large companies who put LGBTQ inclusion at the core of everything they do. Whether it’s through their campaigning, their marketing or their network groups, the Rainbow Honours 2019 shone a light on everything that they do. 

A series of major awards were up for grabs this year including the Rainbow Honours Lifetime Achievement Award, Media Moment, LGBTQ Icon, New LGBTQ Network Group and Trans Advocate. 

To round off the night a special Lifetime Achievement Award was delivered to LGBTQ activist Sue Sanders, who is the Chair of LGBTQ education charity Schools Out, working towards equality, safety and visibility in educate for LGBTQ people since 1974. 

The winners of the evening included Sue Perkins, Adobe, Peter Tatchell, Spanners with Manners, NHS England, Touchstone and akt. 

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