In the French wine country region, the number of champagne and wine companies that all promise to yield the most bountiful and original flavors is abundant. However, none of these boast LGBTQ-inclusive practices with a focus on giving back to the queer community. Until now.

A recent Kickstarter campaign launched by Swedish historian and wine enthusiast Pedro Bentancour Garin is aiming to create a company that will change that. The project began as a vision, and now it’s a path to a trifecta: the unification of an organic and eco-sustainable project that gives back to the LGBTQ community.

“Only one percent of the Champagne produced today is organic, and I think it’s important to raise awareness of this issue too,” said founder Bentancour Garin.

The idea came when Bentancour Garin was buying a gift for a couple of gay friends and realized that all champagne brands had very conservative profiles. Sparking his desire to open up the market, the company will be called “Béthencourt & Garín” after his parents, who fled two South American dictatorships due to their beliefs in democracy and human rights.

The pride-profiled brand will have a permanent LGBTQ focus and give 25 percent of the profit from each bottle sold to support queer liberation movements in countries where the community is still oppressed.

“All over the world, we see how intolerance is growing,” Bentancour Garin said. “I want to work for tolerance, as I believe that all good forces should. The opposite leads to hatred and suffering, something history shows too well.”

Through the tradition and community which French Champagne evokes partnered with innovativeness of LGBTQ folks, the hopeful company is looking for donations to continue giving queer people a reason to celebrate. With the slogan “We are all equal,” the successful Kickstarter will be cheers-ing for many generation to come.

“Someone might say that our company is the Trump Administration’s worst nightmare, as it’s both LGBT and climate friendly,” Bentancour Garin said.

To support the optimistic brand, people can donate to the Kickstarter through December 17.

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