Radio station fires gay host as police investigate homophobic tweet

Seth Dunlap, a gay radio host, hasn’t been on the air at WWL Radio in New Orleans since taking a leave of absence in mid-September, but now it turns out he won’t be coming back. The station fired the host on Thursday, amid a police investigation into a homophobic tweet targeting Dunlap sent from WWL’s official account, according to

Attorney, Megan Kiefer, responded to the report in She confirmed Saturday that Dunlap was terminated two days earlier. The report said Kiefer accused the station and its owner, Entercom, of attempting “to pressure him to resign” in recent weeks.

“The action of Entercom wrongfully terminating Mr. Dunlap has compounded his damages,” Kiefer told

In late September, Entercom accused Dunlap of accessing WWL’s official Twitter account with his personal phone on Sept. 10, and sending a tweet that called him a fag.

The company claims a forensic expert traced his IP address to that phone, following an alleged $1.8 million extortion attempt by Dunlap and his attorney.

As reported, New Orleans police continue to investigate the station’s allegations of extortion by Dunlap. Last month, detectives obtained a warrant for information from T-Mobile, the phone they suspect was used to send the tweet.

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