INTERVIEW: Derren Nesbitt & Jamie Patterson (TUCKED)

Following the release of TUCKED, the heartfelt tale of an oddball friendship, on DVD and digital, Ryan Houston caught up with the Director, Jamier Patterson, and Derren Nesbitt, who plays Jack/Jackie in the film.

Jamie, where did the idea for the story come from?

It actually came from a night out in Brighton about seven years ago. I ended up in this amazing little pub in Kemp Town, it was karaoke night and there was this incredible drag queen hosting. The drinks started flowing and after butchering Maggie May it came to the last song of the night.

There was only a handful of us left by this point, but that didn’t matter, if anything it made it more personal. The last song of the night was I Dreamed A Dream. I remember half way through the song this drag queen pulled of their wig to reveal this beautiful bald head. As the song built everything got more emotional, for some reason they started crying, which meant I started crying and then everyone started crying. It was a really powerful moment which for one reason or another really connect with me.

When I was leaving I just wanted to know more about this drag queen. Where were they going now? That’s where the opening scene came from. 

Patterson in action: TUCKED is the tenth film for Jamie, and he says it’s been a ‘game-changer’

How do you feel about how the film has been received? How has it compared with the previous films you’ve done?

Tucked was a game-changer for me. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it, I’m not saying it was The Avengers but from the moment it premiered at Outfest in Los Angeles things changed.

The film seemed to really connect with people, I think luck has a big part to do with that. I think Tucked is a great film but I think if it had have been released five years ago it may have gone by under the radar. The film touches all lots of topics which people are people are finally talking about, be it gender, toxic masculinity, loneliness etc.

Tucked was the first film I’d made since turning thirty and it felt like I’d grown up a bit.

Nesbitt, who plays Jack/Jackie, alongside Faith, payed by Jordan Stephens.

I read the film recently be described as ‘a drag film’ – but that’s just a tiny part of what Tucked is about. It’s a mix of comical and tragic factor – but which ideas did you begin with?

As soon as I had the character of Jackie I knew I wanted to make a movie about an unlikely friendship. I thought the idea of an again drag queen and a young queen was really interesting. The drag act has changed so much over the years, Jackie’s act is somewhat outdated, the jokes aren’t “pc” and the make up is a little rough around the edges.

That kind of act is dying out now, performers like Faith are taking to the stage and even though the act has changed the goal is still the same, to entertain. All the other characters are inspired by people I’ve met over the years.

Ultimately I want the audience to leave feeling uplifted

Jamie Patterson – Writer/Director of Tucked

You have known Derren for some time, having cast him in a previous Christmas movie (Home for Christmas, 2014), there’s a bit of a different story in this film. How did Derren fill the role in your eyes?

I wrote the part specifically for Derren. He was perfect for the role. There was no doubt in my mind he could do it. He only did a day on Home for Christmas but I remember telling him I was gonna write something for him, he said, no matter what it was, he was in. A few months later I sent him Tucked and the rest is history. I think he’s incredible in the film. Everyone is. 

Were there any scenes that were particularly difficult to shoot?

We shot the whole film in eleven days so I guess the whole thing was pretty difficult to shoot, that being said I don’t remember a particular scene which was hard. I suppose the scene in the bath tub comes to mind, not because it was hard to shoot but because it was actually the first time Derren and Jordan had met.

They hadn’t screen tested together so we had no idea if the chemistry was going to be there. I remember looking at the monitor and saying over and over in my head “please work”. Thank god it did. 

Derren Nesbitt plays Jackie/Jack in the film, alongside platinum recording artist Jordan Stephens of Rizzle Kicks.

Derren, was it the friendship that got you firmly confirmed on the role of Jack/Jackie in Tucked, or did you need some persuading?

There was no persuading necessary after reading the script, especially as he wrote it for me, and I recognised Jackie as me, a real person, living and breathing. 

I dislike labels, both Jackie and faith are two human beings who live lives not necessarily as do the majority

Derren Nesbitt on playing the role of Jackie in Tucked.

The film is looking at the building of friendship and kindness – Is that as refreshing to you in a role/film, as it is to the audience?

I dislike labels, both Jackie and faith are two human beings who live lives not necessarily as do the majority – this does make them any less  human beings than those who conform to societies normality: The minority are just as equal to the majority even if not representing the majorities behaviour. 

What was it like to be working with Jordan – You both have very different backgrounds in the work you have done in the past

We accepted each other as we are and as we close friends in the movie so were equally friends whist Derren was Jackie and Jordan, Faith. 

Tucked is available on DVD & Digital now!

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