This political party wants to investigate Manchester Pride over ‘Fyre Festival’ comparisons

A political party has ordered an investigation of the Manchester Pride organisers by an Equalities committee, following comparisons made between Manchester Pride and the Fyre Festival.

The Liberal Democrats’ Manchester leader, John Leech, has written to the Chair of the Communities and Equalities Scrutiny Committee, outlining his ‘concerns’ about the organisation and the overall running of Manchester Pride.

Mr Leech said “serious concerns have been raised about this year’s Pride celebrations, including accusations of racism and limited disabled access.”

“The Lib Dems have therefore called for the organisers of Pride, including the PR and security teams, be brought in front of the Equalities Scrutiny Committee, along with council officers, to get to the bottom of these concerns and ensure they are never repeated.”

Allegations of racism have come from members of the BAME community attending Pride, who said they were refused entry into bars.

This will be another blow to the organisers of Manchester Pride, after a weekend in which they faced serious criticism.

On Saturday, anti-trans body GetTheLOut, the same group that hijacked the front of Pride in London’s parade in 2018, protested at the event, and gatecrashed the front of the march, with banners reading ‘lesbians don’t have penises’ and ‘gender ideology harms lesbians.’

Members of the anti-trans body GetTheLOut

Mark Fletcher, CEO of Manchester Pride, said “Manchester Pride is a charity that which campaigns for LGBT+ equality. Our commitment to our Trans siblings is evident in our activities.

“Although we cannot take responsibility of the actions of others, we are sorry for any hurt that the actions of this group have caused.”

Many charities condemned the organisers over the protest.

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