Irish leader, Leo Varadkar, takes part in Belfast Pride

The Taoiseach (prime minister) of the Republic of Ireland made an unexpected visit to Northern Ireland for Belfast’s annual Pride celebrations yesterday.

On Twitter, he wrote: “Biggest march in Northern Ireland is not orange or green, it’s rainbow coloured. This is NI at its best. Best of Britishness and Irishness.”

Addressing the event, he said: “I’m glad to be in Belfast. I had a real honour today to walk with Lord Hayward, who along with Conor McGinn put legislation through the Commons and Lords [in the UK Parliament] to bring marriage equality here in a few months’ time.

“What we see today in Belfast is Northern Ireland at its very best. Open, inclusive, diverse, and for everyone.

“Thank you so much, and happy Pride.”

He was loudly cheered by the crowd at the event.

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