Hoteliers try to make a buck from Pride Amsterdam

In the run-up to the annual Pride Amsterdam event, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from home and abroad, almost all Amsterdam hoteliers have considerably increased their rates for a night in advance. This is the result of research by Feestkleding365, which in the run-up to Pride 2019, analyzed the Amsterdam hotel prices of 100 hotels.

The spectacle around the Canal Parade, which takes place on 3 August, has a major impact on hotel prices.

Compared with other weekends in July and August, hoteliers had already raised prices by an average of 18.8% several weeks before the start.

At hotels in the center, the rates for a night were even 21.3% above the usual level.

Yet hoteliers apparently have trouble getting all the rooms filled. In the last week before the start of Pride Amsterdam, many hotel prices decreased again, with some hotels even lowering rates by almost 30%.

An example is NH Hotel Amsterdam Flower Market, which initially charged a rate that was 37.8% above the average weekend rate in the high season.

Just before the start of Pride Amsterdam, the price for a night was again reduced by almost 15%.

Feestkleding365 has been a favorite address for visitors to Pride Amsterdam for years.

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