Is ‘The Simple Life’ Returning with a Twist?

Update: The rumours and the verified twitter account have been revealed to be an elaborate hoax. However ‘The Simple Life’ Season 6 still lives on in our hopes and dreams.

Sometimes, when i’m missing those 2004 days of Avril Lavigne, kitten heels, denim mini skirts and bejewelled flip phones, I find myself watching old episodes of ‘The Simple Life’.

In what was the most unrelatable show ever, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie left their expensive, rich and beautiful lives to experience the simple lives of normal people who don’t have their own yachts or masseuses on speed dial.

However, in a shocking revelation that no-one was expecting, it seems as though ‘The Simple Life’ will be coming back to our screens for a modern day renewal.

Speculation began after a new verified twitter account with the show’s name tweeted a picture of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie as the famous American Gothic painting captioned #SimpleLife6

While fans of the original questioned the meaning of such a post, further questions arose when the account tweeted two female emoji’s one with blonde hair and one with ginger hair, then followed by a tweet saying ‘keep you friends close and your enemies closer’ under a throwback picture of Paris and Lindsay.

Furthermore, twitter sleuths noticed that the account is only following three people. Netflix US, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

Many fans of the show are taking this to mean that Lindsay Lohan will be in the show for it’s modern day renewal and sadly, that Nicole Richie will not. However nothing as of yet has been confirmed.

This news comes as a surprise to fans as Lohan and Hilton have had a rocky relationship over the years. Having been photographed together multiple times during the early 2000’s, in more recent years Paris has made it well-known that she is no longer a friend or fan of the Mean Girls star going as far as to call her ‘lame’ and ’embarrassing’.

Whatever is happening, we can’t wait to see Lindsay and Paris back on our screens and we hope Nicole is involved too.

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