Lucy Whittaker releases music video for new song ‘Miracle’. Watch it here!

BBC Radio 1 favourite and upcoming pop sensation, Lucy Whittaker has released the music video to her latest single ‘Miracle’.

Following in the religious and spiritual overtones of this EDM dance track, Lucy’s music video is dark and brooding as she slowly rocks in a chair wearing a crown of thorns and sitting in front of a cross.

The video is “supposed to make you feel uncomfortable” says Lucy. “The choppy transitions and camera angles, they aren’t supposed to make the viewer feel ‘easy’. I think they contribute well to the overall feeling and darkness in the video”.

The imagery in the video is beautiful and with the giant neon cross, nostalgic Valencia filter hue, and 90’s analogue TV static; the video is reminiscent of Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 Romeo + Juliet whilst Lucy sings about getting yourself into a situation so awful that only a miracle could save you.

“We looked into filming in ornate churches, but I wanted to make things more simple to focus on getting the message of the song across – we ended up with a neon cross, a gold crown of thorns, and loads of ideas.”

Later on in the video Lucy is shown sitting in a candle-lit bath before being completely submerged, drowning whilst being ‘cleansed of her sins’. “[I was] in a bad place when I wrote Miracle”, she says. “I really wanted to create something a bit darker to reflect the nature of the song”.

Check out the full music video here:

For our interview with Lucy where she discusses ‘Miracle’, performing at Pride and her thoughts on the Straight Pride movement, click here

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