From the Glass House, Part 2 from Sam Dickinson: ‘Musically, it’s blend of pop, dance, and soul create something fresh and now’

Sam Dickinson is back after taking a five-year hiatus from the music industry. On his site, Dickinson states that he was starting to suffer from anxiety and depression and he had to take a step back from everything and focus on himself. The time and focus has produced the “From the Glass House” trilogy. “All We Are” is the second single from Part 2 of the trilogy being released on Monday, 3 June 2019.

Hattie Murdoch and Mark Barzin co-wrote “All We Are” with Dickinson. Dickinson says on his YouTube page, “I wrote ‘All We Are’ with my friend Hattie Murdoch, after we watched a friend of mine, who is a drag queen, be vilified on national television and social media. She’s come back stronger and I sing about we’re all human beings; we need to come together and work together – especially in this era of Brexit and Trump.”

“I’ll fight for you, You’ll fight for me, We’ll fight for freedom…” are lines from the chorus in “All We Are” just one of the dance jams From the Glass House trilogy. The acoustic version is even a version you can dance to as the beat is strong throughout the song. The song says to just “Open up your eyes” and this is the theme for Glass House.  

On “From the Glass House”, Dickinson is working with Grammy nominated and Eurovision winning songwriters to create heartfelt lyrics in the trilogy. He says, “I want this project to mean something to people. Musically, it’s blend of pop, dance, and soul create something fresh and now. I was really inspired by the 90’s when creating this EP. It’s reflective and about find self-worth.”

In “Throw It Away” Dickinson showcases the R&B soul sound which is more reminiscent of the ‘70s than the ‘90s to me. It is a groove about a broken relationship which has some really nice guitar strings playing throughout. “Hold on High” is an anthem to rise above yourself and your fear. Dickinson shares intimate lyrics about fear and past mistakes to beat that makes you want to try and rise up high.

One of my favorite songs From the Glass House is “Diamond Skin” (Acoustic). “You have to fall so that you can land…I keep on going, you have to do the same…don’t ever give up, don’t ever give in…” are just some of the lyrics from “Diamond Skin”. The entire song is yet another entreaty to get your self-worth back, it is okay to make mistakes – even bad ones.

Dickinson’s From the Glass House is a tribute to climbing out of the darkness of one’s own soul and looking around and realizing we are all in the same situations at different times. Dickinson created anthems to a beat we can climb up, out, and up higher as we hold out our hand to the person next to us climbing too. I can dance to that.

Dickinson has been performing across the North East, appearing in PRIDE events across the UK, and has been a regular feature at the Newcastle Pride, the UK’s largest free PRIDE festival, since 2009.

“From the Glass House, Part” is available for pre-order now, and released on 3rd June. Dickinson’s first acoustic tour will begin this Fall.

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