Andrea Di Giovanni releases new EP, ‘Permission’

A year after being a finalist on Pride’s Got Talent, Andrea Di Giovanni has released his new EP, ‘Permission’. The 6 song album consists of Andrea’s signature EDM, dance sound and club bangers but with an important message twist.

From the outset, ‘Permission’ seems to be an overt reference to consent. And for the most part it is. Andrea points out that “rape is such a big issue globally within many creative industries and communities, consent is something that should be discussed continuously throughout our lives”.

“[The EP] ‘Permission’ is definitely my favourite piece of work so far. I wanted to showcase a more playful and fun side of myself and let people know that being your most authentic self is something to celebrate and cherish.” 

Andrea Di Giovanni

This message is carried within every song on the album to varying degrees. ‘Versatile’, probably the first song ever to explore this aspect of LGBT+ culture, presents someone both willing to submit and happy to take control while the titular song ‘Permission’ has lines throughout the song expressing ownership and control over ones sexuality.

Meanwhile ‘Bang’ with it’s fun, typical gay one-liners of “Yas Queen”, “No Bitch” and “Werk it”, has the feel of a group of friends happily and openly being themselves in a club environment. ‘Bye, Baby’, a breakup song where the singer is saying “bye, bye, bye” to an ex-lover, is no N-Sync re-hash, but rather a sassy and empowering number about leaving a toxic relationship and taking back control.

But what makes the album great is it’s exploration of many parts of LGBTQ+ life. ‘Forbidden Love’ is the stand out song from the EP. A club, dance track, inspired by the anti-gay purges plaguing Chechnya. The lyrics explores lovers fearing for their life while hiding who they are. The beat to the song is reminiscent of a heartbeat and the adrenaline running through one’s veins.

“There’s always a hidden political message and value to my lyrics, but this time around with tracks like ‘Bye Baby’, ‘Permission’, ‘Know Better’ I’m exploring the theme of relationships with a more lighthearted and sassy attitude; I’ve learned my lessons with love and now it’s time to just party and have fun. Feeling free to be me and do what I want without fear of repercussions.”

“The title of the EP is very ironic, I don’t need no permission anymore, I’m me, flamboyant, extra and I make no apologies for that. I am just me, no matter the label of what society gives me.”

Andrea’s EP is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

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