Celebrate the power of friendship with Just Friends on DVD now

The sun is out, the shorts are on and we’re ready for new adventures, or even new romance.  What’s the power of friendship? Whether you’re a teenager finding your feet and experiencing the first pangs of love, or whether you’re still searching for someone to love, sometimes we need to remind the positive power of knowing people who are just friends, and friends forever.

Joris is shy, introverted and cautious, Yad is bold and impulsive, but at a chance meeting, opposites attract, and sparks fly.

Having spotted Yad windsurfing at the beach, Joris is taken aback when he discovers Yad is his grandmother’s new helper.

Initially mistrustful of Yad’s advances, the boys quickly become inseparable. Stealing kisses between surfboards, wrestling in the reeds and filming their adventures, the couple find themselves growing closer and opening up to each other about the ghosts of their pasts and dreams for the future.

Yet as the boys fall ever deeper in love with each other, the weight of their families’ expectations of them grow more profound, until one of them finally asks, would it be better if they were ‘Just Friends’?    

An uplifting experience with benefits. Relive those delirious moments in Peccadillo’s release of the feel-good romance, Just Friends. Out now on DVD and available on VOD platforms from 3 June

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