Thanks for visiting the brand new Queer-News site.

Things might look a little bare at the moment, but you’ll start to see posts from Monday 28th January, when we officially launch.

Queer-News was created with the aim to be an agenda-free LGBT+ online news platform.

The site aims to provide visitors with the latest LGBT+ news from the UK and further afield, as well as providing a queer voice on the issues that matter to the community.

Ryan Houston, the creator of Queer-News, said in a launch statement that a platform like this is needed more than every currently.

“The site is about providing something different. We’re not here to promote the ‘Are you top or bottom?’ pieces that some other sites on the market are offering. It’s also not about bombarding visitors with adverts like some of the current big-players are doing.”

“That’s what we mean when we say ‘something different.’ Our only ‘agenda’ is about delivering something that users want without the annoying bits that as a community we’ve accepted as the norm.”

The site will play host to news, interviews, entertainment updates and opinion and comment features from contributors from around the UK.

Anyone interested in contributing to the site can find out more information by emailing Editor@queer-news.co.uk.

What type of contributions is Queer-News looking for?

Contributions can be from anyone with an interest in writing or an interest in LGBT+ issues. The site has space for news posts, comment pieces, features, entertainment and music and many more areas. We also have links with PR agencies that give our contributors the chance to review LGBT+ cinema releases and interview the cast.

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