Couple getting married at Leeds Pride this weekend

Until recently, Ben Bagshaw and Ryan Clay were not planning to get married, but this weekend they will be tying the knot at an unconventional wedding venue.

The couple won a unique competition and their prize is an all-expenses paid wedding, that will be conducted by TV presenter Anna Richardson, at Victoria Leeds, later today.

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Riyadh Khalaf chats about his new book, a loving guide to queer boys everywhere

YouTuber and Film Maker Riyadh Khalaf came to prominence after his BBC Three Docu-series Queer Britain, exploring many facets of LGBT+ life in the UK from Religion to Race. Now, Riyadh brings his new book for closeted young men, ‘Yay You’re Gay Now What? A Gay Boy’s Guide to Life’. Tom George sat down with Riyadh to discuss the book, growing up gay and his thoughts on LGBT+ Relationship and Sex Education.

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IKEA has easily won best LGBTQ product of the year

From rainbows painted onto the side of trains, to LGBT items of clothing being ripped of the shelves within days of them being launched, the last couple of years has seen businesses across the country step-up their game in attempting to reach out to consumers, and attempt to promote their gay-friendly products.

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